My journey within a journey!

While I set out on this journey to date and rediscover myself today I decided to start another journey that will last 120 days. Lets call it a goal I set for myself, no drinking, no meat, no bread, rice, pasta or dairy ( and  love Ice cream so this is horrid). The other goal I am trying for is consistency and follow through. So on top of all of these things I am going to the gym six days a week even if I don’t want to Sundays will be my rest days. To hold myself accountable I will take daily pics of some of my meals and all of my gym activity or at least the beginning.

This is definitely going to be a a long painful process but I hope from it blossoms this great strong human that looks good and knows herself better.

Talk soon

#datingmyself365 #consistentbaggagedrop120


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