When the carb cravings start.

I really want a snack or a nice juicy blue cheese burger with everything on it and a salad on the side. January has not come as yet and even when it does I do not believe burgers are going to be on my menu any more. But this carb craving is real, I had a smoothy and water and yet I want to lay down and close my eyes and open them to February 1st.

Yesterday was as an amazing day, I had nothing planned, no list no specific destination just me time. all I knew is that I needed to be consistent and that I had to stay positive, go to the gym before I went to bed and I couldn’t eat. Well I cheated and had lettuce with cucumber, carrots, beansprouts, and some cilantro sauce it was yummmmy.  Best cheat ever, and I don’t feel and ounce of guilt, life is not perfect and I did not expect to get through this fasting week without a few pitfalls. Its the end results Im interested in.

I’ve posted pics on the IG page if you are interested, this double journey though, PATIENCE

Talk soon

#datingmyself365 #consistentbaggagedrop120

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