Guilty Pleasures and God’s design…

Boston had such a beautiful day yesterday and I have been on such an amazing consistent regime that I thought I deserved a treat. While dropping my daughter off I took the long way home just so I could pass the Ice cream store, I could even taste the Grapenut and Pistachio. I am driving along and suddenly I am at the light at the turn to my street and I can’t figure out how I got here. Like complete tunnel vision, I never even saw the place. The Universe had other plans for me, all I could do was laugh. The amazing thing is I am down four pounds, I can almost feel the muscle (maybe not this soon, wishful thinking) and I am feeling great.

Tonight is officially date night, or at least take myself out and get dressed up night. I am taking myself to Dudley Cafe to a Book release. Not sure if I should be casual sexy or just all out sexy, pics on IG later or tomorrow at some point. This journey is really working for me and helping me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I am almost a week into the #datingmyself365 journey and five days into my #consistentbaggagedrop120 journey courgae is all I need. My fast is over tomorrow and I can the start my body on it’s new regime, I hope it thanks me.

I missed last night gym date, I just couldn’t, I stood it up with no remorse and only the excuse of extreme tiredness, I will do longer arm work today.

Talk soon


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