When your date night turns into friends night, and a stranger ends up upending your world.

So yesterday, I had my first official dress up date night whereI went to support a friend who wrote her second book.



The night started off lovely and the poetry was flowing and my protein drink and I were very engrossed. Then the feature came on and had us all in tears and to follow her was the author, awesome human being from what I know thus far. Surround yourself with the type of people you hope to be, I am seriously working on it. Somewhere along the line I lost myself. My drive, extreme ambition, zest for life and I can’t even pinpoint when it happened and when I stopped really living. Well last night started my rebirth, and then I walked out of Dudley cafe and turned the corned and walked into a trio that would change my life forever.

How does a stranger reach into your soul and pick apart your deepest truths and throw them at you, and then tell you don’t worry it will be alright. I was in awe and shaken to my core and humbled that the universe allowed me to stand still for that moment in time to receive what I needed to. I broke down on the way home cause I had just given up and I surrendered myself up since I don’t think I am doing things well any more. I am looking for the universe to guide me and hopefully my destiny will find its way to me. All I can do is keep praying that I don’t continue to mess up more than I have already.

Oh and I still came home and made it to the Gym, I was very determined, Arm night was in full affect. Three machines three reps of 12 each and then there is this one where you hang and pull your knees up. I absolutely love that one (did three reps of 12 on that one as well), after that I was done for. All told it was an awesome emotional day and I am looking forward to what today brings.


Talk soon

#datingmyself365 #consistentbaggagedrop120

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