Celebrations, new families and Yay I made it through a week!

I made it through the week and I didn’t pass out, die, change, but in fact I am learning so much about me. This week has been a week of change, reflection, ownership, new beginning, sacrifice and sweat. It is very hard putting up that mirror and seeing all of the areas you have faltered in, but the fun part is going to be the change.

This week was a week of celebrations, with friends doing new things embracing new careers, feelings, experiences and alone time. I went to the gym by myself this week and it was amazing, I worked really hard for it but I got through. I am really looking forward to week two.

This new family though, the way they love me and the way we love each other is amazing, we move as a unit, think as a unit, communication as a unit. Come for one you come for all, most of my life I wanted to be a part of this type of family and it just happened organically through a happy accident. Thank you universe for letting me walk into Uno’s that day with my stank attitude and allowing me to meet my Libra twin. We are alike and individual but the love and bond that we share already I hope is there forever, my sister friend.

More tomorrow as today is all about my Aminah and her special day, I am so very proud, she makes my heart swell and my cup runneth over with my emotions for her.

#datingmyself365 #consistentbaggagedrop120

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