Week Two here I come, full steam ahead!

Today starts week two of my consistent baggage drop and I am so thrilled and ready to go. This was a tough week but I made it through, and I blogged daily and stayed on course. Even the fast went well and I’m loving the six pounds that are now gone, ready to cruise through this week or not.

The tough part now is trying to figure out meals for the week, or rather shopping for the meals that I want. I could simply eat boiled Plantain and Saltfish all day everyday and be ok. May have to add some other things in there just to switch things up a bit though.

This month is all about being consistent, making it to the gym or doing some type of work out regiment six days a week. Following through on things that I start and being a woman of my word. With all that being said, I am taking this Soca aerobics class (Island Vybe dance fitness) tomorrow that is supposed to go for 8 weeks, can’t wait. I love Soca like I love breathing, perfect way to get my workout in and listen to music.


Talk soon

#datingmyself365 #consistentbaggagedrop120

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