Woke up this morning!

Today, I could have started with a not so positive outlook but I sat through this amazing training last night and one of my takeaways was that I needed to change my vocabulary. See we have been conditioned so long with the cants and the I will tries that it’s a normal part of our existence. So I am going to start today off with it’s the best day of my life simply because I woke up and I am still being consistent.

That Soca class is tonight I cannot wait to talk to you about that and tomorrow my I am taking myself and my non-profit on a date to (table) at an event and bring health information to more women. Feel free to look me up http://www.caribbeancurvystrong.org

I plan on setting a tough goal for this week and also doing something new, I might need some suggestions on the new part at least. Off to conquer my day, have an Iconic day everyone.

Talk soon

#datingmyself365 #consistentbaggagedrop120

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