Missing in action.

I think I got so busy yesterday that I forgot to post, so sorry how can I be consistent and forget. Even if I am the only one reading my words, I am still holding myself accountable, okay one day I guess I will set myself a timer so it doesn’t happen again.

I don’t even know where to start, Wednesday, Thursday in a nutshell, nothing to really scream about. I would like to say that I took my self somewhere but I didn’t even take myself to the gym. I am having a rough few days and plan to snap out of it really soon.

Unfortunately life is life that sometimes and it is more how you deal with the tough times that builds your character. I did take myself to the Mic last night and I actually read Addiction. I think this journey is bringing me more and more out of my shell.

I want to find something amazing to do with myself this weekend, any thoughts? Back to my rigorous workout schedule I just need to mix it up and do indoor and out-door, I need to purchase some warm outdoor running gear. I feel like I am going to drag my friend Lenny on this date (lol)

By the way I never mention the baggage I am dropping, I finally think I am coming alive again as I started cleaning and organizing when my insides are chaotic I just feel nothing.


Talk soon



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