Reinventing yourself during Covid19

We are in a time where we can really learn to (date ourselves) to really get intouch with who we are and what makes us tick. We can either be scared during this time at home or use it as a time to learn new things, get intouch with our innerself, reinvent ourselves. What are you doing while at home, what are your Covid 19 positive experiences, how has this time changed and shaped the person you will be in the new “Normal”. I

Woke up one morning and relized that I have time to redecorate, listen to someone else, cook new meals, read more and commune with nature while sitting still.

What does Denika really like, how can I motivate myself and not get bogged down in the depression. It is hard especially if you live alone and have noone to commune with. I cannot drown myself in a glass of wine each night. I started an in home garden where I am planting basil and peppers but I need to add other things. Any suggestions?

I intend to start from scratch, become the person I miss, take more chances and work on living in the moment more. So here is to living, laughing, discovering the old/new you and pushing that YOU beyond the comfortable and to the length that makes you feel scared inside and take that leap. Be safe, make good choices and I will see you in the new “Normal”.


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