Covid, Pneumonia -GRADITUDE!!!!

And in the end, it’s not the years in a life, it’s the LIFE in the years.

Abraham Lincoln

I thought I was living before, but after this last life experience no more side lines for me. Grateful is the simplest thing I can say however it comes with a wealth of meaning. I felt the need to write this because so many people come up with their own theory, don’t know all of the facts or just like to talk.

Yes I love to travel, however I have been doing that since I was four so I am savvy enough at this point to get around and be careful. Yes I traveled to Mexico for the Labor day weekend, putting into practice the same things I did while in the US. For those of you that were not aware *why would you be, who are you!* Prior to returning to the US we were *ALL* required to get a Covid test and yes I was negative. So no I did not get this in Mexico, I got sick once I returned home and it was a very small window and turn around time.

Important parts

I have a horrid immune system and have had such since childhood. So when I started feeling ill I honestly thought it was because I had gotten wet by the rain in Mexico, so I did what I was taught as a young West Indian child. I rubbed myself down with vicks, put some limacol on my forehead, and made sure I was dressed warm and set in to sweat it out.

That Thursday September 9th, I figured it was a small cold I would be in for the weekend and then back to my normal routine. Whelp apparently the Universe had a different plan and I was the butt of the joke. Monday Sept 13th I went to get Covid tested as I had done so many times before and it took them less that 15 minutes to tell me I was positive, my temp was 104.0 by the end of that day. For those that do not know I suffer with Asthma (born with it), I do not always get enough oxygen and my BP usually runs on the low side so Covid came to nest and destroy.

That Wednesday I went to the Emergency Room as I was having troubling breathing, they treated me and sent me home. At this point since the 9th I have barely been taking sips of water much less eating anything. My parents complained so I counted out 20 Red grapes daily and ate as many as I could. Here we are on Friday, I am coughing, weak, temp is still between the 103-104 mark and at this point I am being asked what my ox levels are. At the time of reading it was 91%, my advisory told me to call 911 right away, this action I truly believe was major in saving my life.

As I am being wheeled into the hospital the same Dr. who saw me a few days prior saw me again and said ” I see you are having trouble breathing, we are just going to admit you” so to recap From the 9th to the 17th I am beyond sick, haven’t received any fluids, cannot breathe and they cannot get an IV on me at all. (I have been a hard stick my entire life) I lost count after stick #15 of which there was still no IV and yes they used ultrasound people and specialist my body was just in too much distress. A breathing treatment then Xray later and we found out I also had pneumonia (yay me, as though this wasn’t enough)

From this point things started to decline very quickly, I still could not breathe, talking was very hard and so I was told things were not looking good and to call my family. I remember my mom not wanting to hear such talk and having to see them and my daughter over face time and wondering if that would be the last time I saw the people I loved. I notified the Dr’s of who my health care proxies were and then they intubated me and put me into a medically induced coma with the understanding that there was a possibility I would not wake up or it could be months before.

Was this the best option, I will never really know but I am alive. It wasn’t easy this was rough on my body. I lost weight, muscle mass and time (this is the part that really gets to me) but unlike so many I am thankful I woke up. I am very ready for this next stage in which I cannot leave my home unless it is medically necessary, where I walk with a walker and see a physical therapist three times a week to help me get strong again, for the pieces missing in my memory that I may never get back. Alive, here to fight and I have so many great people in my corner that are willing to help along the way.

I am grateful to ALL of you that reached out to my parents, Aminah and sent prayers, positive thoughts. Those who took it further and made sure Aminah ate and was comforted I truly appreciate you all, I went to sleep so my part was easy then. I know the waiting was rough and I have shed many tears of gratitude since I woke up. I know the recovery will be tough but I am here for it. Please be patient with me during my recovery, it is very emotional and I am not fully ready for everything as yet.

Please be careful, understand your health, do your research and take the precautions that are necessary for your family. Please do the research though and understand that many are still passing and so either stay inside or go out but be cautious.

Thank you for reading!

Gratitude Always #datingmyself365


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