MIA and technical difficulties

Well I am back, I thought it was longer but it has only been seven days, but seven days too long. After a week of medical issues with my teenager I had to take several more days to reset. I have been horrid over the past week, my food intake and excercise have been non existent sadly. Now I feel as though I am starting from scratch again, but really I am still spending more alone time with myself (and I need to get out more) and I have now been at this for 26 and 25 days.

Forward movement is the only way I know to go so last week is behind me and I am focusing on tomorrow is the universe grants me one. I am actually looking forward to the end of the first one hundred and twenty days, can’t wait to see the results and where I am going from there.

Next steps are to follow a strict gym/eating plan for thirty days and also I get to start yoga and a dance class this month. I’m still trying to fit that soca aerobics class in but just havent made it. Timing is truly everything and I can’t currently figure out if I am right on time or slightly off. I guess only time will tell, praying and fighting for the best though. As always visit my IG page for pics.

Talk soon

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It sometimes takes a village.

Thankful for my village, without whom I would probably have given it all up by now. I am so happy to say that I am now several days into week two, geesh has it only been two weeks? It feels like forever, lets just say is has been 19 days into my 365 day journey and 17 days into my 120 day consistent baggage drop. I seem to be having the time of my life even with all of the ups and downs and starts and stops.

The lessons I am learning is that you should always take time to laugh at yourself, life goes on, this too shall pass and if you are strong you can get through anything. I am still working on getting rid of the things I can live without in the house, (declutter central) I expect that Aminah will give me the biggest push back and my closet even bigger but I will do it.

I look forward to the end of this week and even more to the end of the first month. I am very close to having lost ten pounds so that means I have ten more to go and then twenty to tone. yayyy

Talk soon.

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Yesterday was a complete $uck it day, well at least close. When posting goes wrong!

Where do I start, Friday was an awesome day filled with many starts but no finishes. Although my angel did go to her last high school homecoming dance and looked amazing as usual.

Yesterday however takes the cake, the realization that I am mom, taxi, atm, cook, therapist, lover, friend, sister, and so many other things while still trying to maintain my fragile existence is overwhelming. I did however work out yesterday with Kellie the gm beast, she is simply amazing and has so much stamina. I think we were destined to be friends and I’m so grateful the universe finally threw us together.

As to my dating my self Friday or yesterday, I took my self to bed Friday and out to an arts panel with Kellie on Saturday and then the three of us had dinner. Kellie, Jha and I, loads of fun and laughter per usual. I had everything I wasnt supposed to food wise, I am still maintaining the no alcohol policy at least. I am alive and I goo two weeks in and managing pit falls and all. I will write another one of these today I feel I have been slacking lately, but maybe I wont. I still havent figured if these will be daily, weekly, or monthly checkins.

Talk soon

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Missing in action.

I think I got so busy yesterday that I forgot to post, so sorry how can I be consistent and forget. Even if I am the only one reading my words, I am still holding myself accountable, okay one day I guess I will set myself a timer so it doesn’t happen again.

I don’t even know where to start, Wednesday, Thursday in a nutshell, nothing to really scream about. I would like to say that I took my self somewhere but I didn’t even take myself to the gym. I am having a rough few days and plan to snap out of it really soon.

Unfortunately life is life that sometimes and it is more how you deal with the tough times that builds your character. I did take myself to the Mic last night and I actually read Addiction. I think this journey is bringing me more and more out of my shell.

I want to find something amazing to do with myself this weekend, any thoughts? Back to my rigorous workout schedule I just need to mix it up and do indoor and out-door, I need to purchase some warm outdoor running gear. I feel like I am going to drag my friend Lenny on this date (lol)

By the way I never mention the baggage I am dropping, I finally think I am coming alive again as I started cleaning and organizing when my insides are chaotic I just feel nothing.


Talk soon



Fall from grace…

Last Friday it was the lack of gym visit, okay everyone has a cheat day I told myself and Saturday turned into beast mode gym day. Sunday of course was rest day and I did well, even went on a road trip and had and amazing training. Monday I truly fell from grace as I ate chicken (more so cause there was nothing else in the house) and I was hungry and the rain was coming down outside. So gym day miss number two would be yesterday on the rainy day I was just down in the dumps. Number three is the best, here I was on this awesome day thinking I would treat myself as I was for the most part doing such a great job of staying consistent, well I wanted ice cream and I had ice cream (REALLY BAD IDEA) my body wasn’t ready. Officially lactose intolerant, good-bye ice cream, cheese (my fave), dairy I am all set.

Well Tomorrow I will revamp and reset a bit and back to task, bumps in the roads happen and we learn to adjust. I will just have to make sure I have recipes for fish in different ways on hand so I have some variety. I didn’t think this was going to be easy and I didn’t write down any specifics I am just taking things one day at a time and hoping for the best.

Talk soon



Woke up this morning!

Today, I could have started with a not so positive outlook but I sat through this amazing training last night and one of my takeaways was that I needed to change my vocabulary. See we have been conditioned so long with the cants and the I will tries that it’s a normal part of our existence. So I am going to start today off with it’s the best day of my life simply because I woke up and I am still being consistent.

That Soca class is tonight I cannot wait to talk to you about that and tomorrow my I am taking myself and my non-profit on a date to (table) at an event and bring health information to more women. Feel free to look me up http://www.caribbeancurvystrong.org

I plan on setting a tough goal for this week and also doing something new, I might need some suggestions on the new part at least. Off to conquer my day, have an Iconic day everyone.

Talk soon

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Week Two here I come, full steam ahead!

Today starts week two of my consistent baggage drop and I am so thrilled and ready to go. This was a tough week but I made it through, and I blogged daily and stayed on course. Even the fast went well and I’m loving the six pounds that are now gone, ready to cruise through this week or not.

The tough part now is trying to figure out meals for the week, or rather shopping for the meals that I want. I could simply eat boiled Plantain and Saltfish all day everyday and be ok. May have to add some other things in there just to switch things up a bit though.

This month is all about being consistent, making it to the gym or doing some type of work out regiment six days a week. Following through on things that I start and being a woman of my word. With all that being said, I am taking this Soca aerobics class (Island Vybe dance fitness) tomorrow that is supposed to go for 8 weeks, can’t wait. I love Soca like I love breathing, perfect way to get my workout in and listen to music.


Talk soon

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Celebrations, new families and Yay I made it through a week!

I made it through the week and I didn’t pass out, die, change, but in fact I am learning so much about me. This week has been a week of change, reflection, ownership, new beginning, sacrifice and sweat. It is very hard putting up that mirror and seeing all of the areas you have faltered in, but the fun part is going to be the change.

This week was a week of celebrations, with friends doing new things embracing new careers, feelings, experiences and alone time. I went to the gym by myself this week and it was amazing, I worked really hard for it but I got through. I am really looking forward to week two.

This new family though, the way they love me and the way we love each other is amazing, we move as a unit, think as a unit, communication as a unit. Come for one you come for all, most of my life I wanted to be a part of this type of family and it just happened organically through a happy accident. Thank you universe for letting me walk into Uno’s that day with my stank attitude and allowing me to meet my Libra twin. We are alike and individual but the love and bond that we share already I hope is there forever, my sister friend.

More tomorrow as today is all about my Aminah and her special day, I am so very proud, she makes my heart swell and my cup runneth over with my emotions for her.

#datingmyself365 #consistentbaggagedrop120

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When your date night turns into friends night, and a stranger ends up upending your world.

So yesterday, I had my first official dress up date night whereI went to support a friend who wrote her second book.



The night started off lovely and the poetry was flowing and my protein drink and I were very engrossed. Then the feature came on and had us all in tears and to follow her was the author, awesome human being from what I know thus far. Surround yourself with the type of people you hope to be, I am seriously working on it. Somewhere along the line I lost myself. My drive, extreme ambition, zest for life and I can’t even pinpoint when it happened and when I stopped really living. Well last night started my rebirth, and then I walked out of Dudley cafe and turned the corned and walked into a trio that would change my life forever.

How does a stranger reach into your soul and pick apart your deepest truths and throw them at you, and then tell you don’t worry it will be alright. I was in awe and shaken to my core and humbled that the universe allowed me to stand still for that moment in time to receive what I needed to. I broke down on the way home cause I had just given up and I surrendered myself up since I don’t think I am doing things well any more. I am looking for the universe to guide me and hopefully my destiny will find its way to me. All I can do is keep praying that I don’t continue to mess up more than I have already.

Oh and I still came home and made it to the Gym, I was very determined, Arm night was in full affect. Three machines three reps of 12 each and then there is this one where you hang and pull your knees up. I absolutely love that one (did three reps of 12 on that one as well), after that I was done for. All told it was an awesome emotional day and I am looking forward to what today brings.


Talk soon

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Guilty Pleasures and God’s design…

Boston had such a beautiful day yesterday and I have been on such an amazing consistent regime that I thought I deserved a treat. While dropping my daughter off I took the long way home just so I could pass the Ice cream store, I could even taste the Grapenut and Pistachio. I am driving along and suddenly I am at the light at the turn to my street and I can’t figure out how I got here. Like complete tunnel vision, I never even saw the place. The Universe had other plans for me, all I could do was laugh. The amazing thing is I am down four pounds, I can almost feel the muscle (maybe not this soon, wishful thinking) and I am feeling great.

Tonight is officially date night, or at least take myself out and get dressed up night. I am taking myself to Dudley Cafe to a Book release. Not sure if I should be casual sexy or just all out sexy, pics on IG later or tomorrow at some point. This journey is really working for me and helping me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I am almost a week into the #datingmyself365 journey and five days into my #consistentbaggagedrop120 journey courgae is all I need. My fast is over tomorrow and I can the start my body on it’s new regime, I hope it thanks me.

I missed last night gym date, I just couldn’t, I stood it up with no remorse and only the excuse of extreme tiredness, I will do longer arm work today.

Talk soon